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  • PRESS RELEASERosemarkie Man’ – 1400 year old skeleton discovered by the Rosemarkie Caves Project and BLOG FOR FULL INFORMATION. Further excavations in the caves will take place this September.
  • A report of a major survey of Kildonan Township done in 2011 by Anne MacInnes and others has just been added to ‘Past Events and Survey Archive’.

  • A report has been published of the walkover survey of Aigas Community Forest that took place during the winter of 2015/6, undertaken by members of NOSAS and the local community. The report describes the background history of Aigas, and then details all the survey findings.

  • Read the latest NOSAS Newsletter, April 2017 - click here.

  • Meryl Marshall has just published reports on two plane tabling activities that happened earlier this year. Brahan Beech Mound and Ormond Castle contain the results of the plane tabling weekends and much subsequent hard work. Well done, Meryl. 

  • Carn Glas,  a neolithic chambered cairn, has been restored by three local community groups - NOSAS, ARCH & North Kessock & District Local History Group. Click here to read all about it.

  • An Archaeological Field Manual - click here. This has been made available to all NOSAS members by Candy Hatherly, Uni of Aberdeen. It's inclusive, detailed, easy to read - and so should be a great help to those of us "on our knees" this summer.

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