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More about the Pictish Stone

"The new Dingwall cross-slab is a uniquely significant western extension of the prestigious Pictish symbol-bearing relief sculpture of Easter Ross, notably connected with the tall slabs of Shandwick and Rosemarkie" Dr Isabel Henderson, co-author of 'The Art of the Picts', and widely acknowledged as one of the world's leading authorities on the Picts and their culture.

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"On one side, the two massive beasts that flank and surmount the cross are quite unlike anything found on any other Pictish stone. These two unique creatures serve to remind us that whilst we can at times draw parallels between different carved stones, Pictish sculptors had a remarkable capacity for creativity and individuality" John Borland.

"On the other side, beneath two Pictish symbols, is a figurative tableau, much of which appears to have strong connections with the cross slabs of southern PictlandJohn Borland.
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John Borland 14.10.19 BBC Scotland Radio - Newsdrive

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