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Online Archaeological Discussion Evenings

Before Covid-19, NOSAS used to meet during the darker months for Monthly Archaeological Discussion evening meetings, appropriately known as "MAD Meetings". From March 2020, we had to go online. Speakers make a short presentation on a subject of interest to them followed by a Q and A session. As of 2022 we have been able to offer in person talks again, but have continued to supplement these with online and hybrid options. Upcoming meetings can be found on the What's On page.

Most of the events have been recorded, so that you can watch them again, using the links below. Guidance on how to use Zoom can be found here. Note that the Q&A part of the evening is not part of these recordings. Should you specifically want to watch that part, please contact roland.spencerjones@gmail.com.


Date   Speaker             Title Link
23.04.20   Lachlan McKeggie Domestic Wooden Objects in the National Museum of Scotland   
23.04.20   Malcolm Bangor-Jones   Coigach: Exploration of the Rough Quarter  
07.05.20   Duncan Kennedy Highlanders and the Military Landscape Zoom
07.05.20   Mary Peteranna Archaeology of Inverness West Link development, Phases 1&2  Zoom
21.05.20   Marion Ruscoe Raigmore Hospital: from EMS to NHS Zoom
21.05.20   Jonathan Wordsworth Archaeological Evidence for Charcoal Burning in the Highlands Zoom
04.06.20   Cathy Dagg The kelp industry in Lochbroom: Looking beyond the statistics YouTube
04.06.20   Jo Hambly Archaeology of the Wemyss Caves 2019 – unabridged video YouTube
18.06.20   John Borland The Invergowrie Stone - a perfect Pictish stone? YouTube
18.06.20   Susan Kruse Telford in the Kyle of Sutherland YouTube
02.07.20   Eric Grant Tinsmiths & Travellers: Archaeology on the Move YouTube
02.07.20   Rhona Ramsay Nacken Chaetrie in Scottish Museums YouTube
16.07.20   Scott Timpany Recent palaeo-environmental work in the Highlands region YouTube
30.07.20   Adrian Maldonado The last days of Fortriu? The Croy Hoard Revisited YouTube
13.08.20   Graeme Cavers Living in Iron Age Assynt: The Clachtoll Broch and Beyond... YouTube
20.08.20   Andy Hickie, Roland S-J  Knockfarrel Henge - a new discovery YouTube
10.09.20   Coralie Mills Tree-rings, timbers and woodland heritage in northern Scotland YouTube
24.09.20   Darroch Bratt Archaeological Variety at Illicit Distilling Sites: Form v Function YouTube
22.10.20   Eric Grant Tarradale Mills and Stills YouTube
22.10.20   Anne Coombs Dalnamain - investigating a multi-period settlement YouTube
29.10.20   John Wombell A Mesolithic Quest YouTube
05.11.20   Marc Chivers et al Moder Dy - from Shetland - Community Maritime Heritage YouTube
26.11.20   Anne Coombs Flax - considerations of its techniques, industry and archaeology YouTube
10.12.20   Marion Ruscoe Inverness Southern Distributor Road development from the air YouTube
07.01.21   Anne-Jonathan-Cathy Pre Improvement Agriculture in the Highlands YouTube
21.01.21   David Alston Slavery in Suriname & Guyana - & the link to the Highlands YouTube
04.02.21   Piers Dixon Deer parks, Traps and Hays - Hunting & Hunting Forests YouTube
11.02.21   Tanja Romankewiecz The Use of Turf as a Building Material - Turf Worlds Not recorded
18.02.21   Neil Bruce The Highland Exclusion Zone in WWII Contact NOSAS
04.03.21   John Baldwin Horizontal Mills Not recorded
18.03.21   Andrew Wright Highland Houses - going, going, gone? YouTube
30.03.21   Michael Stratigos The Crannogs of Highland Scotland YouTube
06.04.21   James McComas The Tarradale Barrow Cemetery Dig 2019 Video Premier  YouTube
22.04.21   NoSAS JS Bone Team Jim Bone's Gift to the World  
06.05.21   Aaron Watson Experiencing Rock Art: From Kilmartin to Clava YouTube
20.05.21   David Newman The Missing Houses: settlement patterns in the Outer Hebrides YouTube
17.06.21  Steve Dockrill, Julie Bond Excavating Swandro early Iron Age site on Rousay, Orkney YouTube
08.07.21   Anne Crone Excavations at the Black Loch of Myrton in Galloway YouTube
05.08.21   Juliette Mitchell Skeletons in the Archive: Rediscovering Old Museum Collections Contact NOSAS
25.11.21   John Borland The Classification of Pictish Stones YouTube
13.01.22   Candy Hatherley Culduthel: a unique Iron Age craft-working site YouTube
22.02.22   Derek Alexander National Trust for Scotland and Glencoe YouTube
17.03.22   David Jarman The Stalker Path Phenomenon YouTube
14.04.22   Iain MacilleChiar Gaelic in the Landscape NOSAS
22.11.22   Holley McCoy History and Heritage of Scotland's Seaweed Industry YouTube
11.01.23   Kate Britton Picts on the Move - the revelations from isotope studies YouTube
24.01.23   Gordon Noble An Update on Pictish Sites YouTube
09.03.23   Richard Guest NOSAS Crannog Project Update YouTube
28.04.23   Jo Hambly Boat Graveyards in Scotland YouTube
28.10.23   Adrian Maldonado Beyond Picts and Vikings: Northern mainland Scotland 800-1100 YouTube
04.11.23   Tony Pollard The Archaeology of Culloden Battlesite YouTube
18.01.24   Stuart Jeffrey Staffa and Unpath'd Waters YouTube
08.02.24   Duncan Garrow The Neolithic Crannogs of the Western Isles YouTube


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