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Munlochy Bay - South Side
13 April 2024
Starts: 09:30
Ends: 14:00

A NOSAS Field Trip along the south side of Munlochy Bay

Please contact roland.spencerjones@gmail.com if you would like to take part in this field trip. He will then send out meeting-up information.

There's a lot of interest along the S side of Munlochy Bay - remains of an old tidal mill, a previous clay works, some caves, and a newly discovered (and previously unrecognised) platform/jetty in the middle of the mud. The day is chosen because the tide will be low and we can get on to the platform.

Anne Coombs and Roland Spencer-Jones will be leading this walk, which will include a measured survey of the platform.

Watch this space for further information about each of the features.


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